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Welcome to Cura Cura helps you look after the people you care about by setting free the power of community.

It’s as easy as…


Create a secure, online community…


Invite your friends and family to join…


Upload the tasks you need help with…

Together you complete the jobs

More great features:

Message board

Share words of encouragement, community updates and even photos on your interactive, community message board.


Feel safe in the knowledge the information you share within your community is private and will never be shared.

Useful contacts

Keep important contacts in one place, for all to access.

Smartphone app

Use Cura on the go by downloading our iPhone or Android app.

A photo of Neil Burgess, founder of Cura
When we face challenging times in our lives, the people around us often ask ‘let me know if there’s anything I can do to help’ but how often do we take up this offer of support? With Cura you can.
Neil Burgess, Founder Blog

What people are saying…

Hi, don’t usually do this, but I think your website is really impressive. I’ve been working in social care, most recently as the Director of a national disability charity, for 25 years and it’s the best thing I’ve seen for ages. Really hope things go well for you.
Mike Clinton, BA, MA, CQSW